Happy Easter!

31 March 2013 

Happy Easter from Afghanistan!  

The weather here is starting to warm up a bit.  Today is blue skies and pushing 70 with a slight breeze.  I took advantage of the nice weather and went outside with my training room clerk.  There is nothing more motivating during a deployment than packing up to go home.  All of my Troopers have packed up their “Contingency” bag and we have put them in shipping containers.  This next push of equipment back to Washington will put over half of the equipment we deployed with, back home.  One of the issues that I am working is to make sure that each of these containers is filled to maximum compacity. 

When we arrived here in Afghanistan we inherited a bunch of containers loaded with supplies.  As I have wrote earlier, our job is to retrograde equipment out of here.  It would be pretty easy just to seal up the doors and ship it out, but the Commander and I have some other ideas.  With the sequestration happening we are anticipating having little to no money to purchase office supplies for when we get back.   Today, my training room clerk and I packed up everything that we think we might need and stuffed each container full. 

Combat operations continue on a daily basis and we have had our share of IED’s.  The Taliban know we are pulling out of this country and have decided not to wait until we are gone to fight the ANA.  They are content on getting their ass kicked by us on a daily basis.  As the weather continues to warm up, I’m sure the enemy will as well. 

Yesterday was my middle daughter Kiersten’s 2nd birthday.  It is another of many important dates that I have missed over the last 17 years.  Thank God I will be home this year for our Anniversary; Katrin and I will be celebrating our 15th year.  I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful woman for my wife.  It really takes a special girl to take care of three kids, dog, house, and everything else while a Soldier is deployed.  I am one lucky dude! 

I know I have said it before, but will say it again:  If you see a Soldier and thank him for his/her service, if he is with his wife, thank her as well for keeping down the home-front and supporting his/her Soldier.  I’m not sure if I could stay sane doing what my wife does on a daily basis.  I am in the Army because it is what I love to do and I couldn’t love it without the support of my wife. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter Day, Sunday, or any day.   We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that is the scary part.  We have to stay focused… 

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. And a Happy Easter to you and your family also. I cannot tell you how many times I witness someone going up to a veteran (identified by their hats) and thanking them for their service. We never see any active duty military around here or we’d buy them dinner.

    You are a lucky man indeed and you know what I say – They also serve who stay home and do the laundry!

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