Final Saturday

1 June 2013

It is hot. Standing outside for more than five minutes leads to the all too familiar beads of sweat that start to drip down the small of your back. We are starting to finalize our move out of country which has led to me spending more of my time outdoors. I don’t mind and have actually enjoyed the change of pace. Our last containers are packed up and we are going to start our trek home this week. In all actuality, this should be the last Saturday that I type on this keyboard.

Our Brigade Command Sergeant Major came out to visit this last week. One thing worth mentioning is that he plans on making some moves with the First Sergeants in the Squadron. It looks as if I will get an opportunity to lead a line troop. Although I would have much rather led a line troop during the deployment, I will enjoy the opportunity as it comes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Troop I have now, and will be extremely sad to have to leave them. The team that the Commander and I have built is one of the best. We have had the least amount of trouble out of any Company/Troop/Battery sized element in the Brigade, retention numbers are through the roof, and my Soldiers kick ass. I have been very fortunate to have the Troop that I have now.

This deployment wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be. I expected more action (although I am happy we didn’t see much) then we received. Most of our deployment was spent sending equipment home, accounting for property, and supporting Squadron missions. Our Squadron, as a whole, has done great things providing the Afghan Army with a strong foundation that they can carry forward into the future. My Soldiers continue to impress me and make my job one of the easiest I have ever had. My Platoon Sergeants seem to be mind readers as they seem to finish jobs before I ask them to be done. God, I love this Troop.

By the time I leave here, my blog will have over 11,000 hits in seven months. A number I would have never dreamed of hitting. I want to thank everyone for taking time out of their day to read my ramblings. Thank you for your comments on my blog. Thank you for motivating me to write more. What started as something to keep friends and family informed has turned into something that has been read by thousands from a total of 64 different countries. This has pushed me to continue to write. I will write a book, and have actually started it over the past month (which is why my posts have become less frequent).

I figure I will write one more post during the process of going home, but cannot promise anything as I am sure I will be pretty busy. I do promise to keep writing back at home, both on the book and this blog. Thank you again everyone for taking time out of your day to read this. Keep my Soldiers in your prayers as we start this final leg of the deployment.

Thank you.

First Sergeant

6 thoughts on “Final Saturday

  1. Dear 1SG Gibson, it was truly my pleasure to support you through Adopt A US Soldier (AAUSS) while you were deployed. I’m thrilled that you’re now on your way home to your girls. If you or your team ever deploy again, please feel free to recommend them to AAUSS or myself and we’ll make sure they’re adopted by some really awesome supporters. As I told you many times, I can’t thank your family enough for their sacrifices or you and your team enough for your service, all of which helps me to sleep better under a warm blanket of safety tonight on US soil. If you or your family ever need anything, please let me know. I am indebted. Many thanks… Karyn (Miss K)

  2. Thanks for your service First Sergeant. I’m glad you are returning home to your girls and I’m thankful for the care you have shown those under your command. Please keep writing and keep us updated. There are so many Americans who never have any exposure to the military or those serving. You provide an important look into that world. I can assure you that everything you write will be gold to those historians and cultural anthropologists of the future.

  3. Wish someone else would pick up where you left off, to inform everyone of what’s going on there!!! I’m sure I can speak for a lot of military spouses, hearing things helps ease the mind. Thank you

    • And thank you for your service! My boyfriend is supposed to be arriving there in a few days. Again thank you for serving your country

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